Geometry Blueprint

Geometry Blueprint 3.0

Real Model Driven Development through code generation templates
3.0.1 (See all)

Driving Model Driven Development . Running under Windows, Blueprint is a modelling tool that will become integral to your software development process. The greatest feature of Blueprint is that it gives you the ability to generate any source code or text based on your model. Experience Model Driven Development now. Extremely large systems have been generated entirely from Blueprint templates and this power is now available to you - for free. Another strength is the modelling of spatial relationships. Grounded in formal systems design theory, Blueprint enables spatial information systems practitioners to use standard information science methodologies to design and document their spatial and non-spatial applications.
The Blueprint package includes:
- The Blueprint modelling tool;
- Built-in code generator using Blueprint's easy-to-learn but powerful TEMPLO language;
- A gateway for connecting the Blueprint SQL database and templates to ODBC-compatible databases;
- Templates to produce SQL schemas and system design documents;
- Example templates to demonstrate other sorts of code generation;
- Reverse engineering of existing SQL database schemas;
- A full Windows help-file system
- Full documentation, including an introduction to data modelling.

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